• This is TECHnique. An event which explores how technology is impacting the arts.

    An event to share stories about technology in the creative and cultural industries.

  • Artists tell their stories and share the lessons that they have learned.

    Together they explore the impact that technology is having on the arts.

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    TECHnique is organised by Create Hub, a news site which covers the use of technology in the art, creative and cultural industries.

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What is TECHnique?.

Artists have more choices to make than ever before.

The obstacles that prevented artists from working with digital technologies in the past are disappearing and the quality of digital output is constantly improving. So, why do some artists stick with traditional techniques, while others turn to digital options? How have artists changed their methods over the last 5, 10 and 20 years?

At TECHnique artists tell their stories, explain their choices and the lessons that they have learned from using technology. Together they will explore the impact that technology is having on the arts.



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TECHnique Three: How I sold my art online

Thursday 28 June, 6pm, Cockpit Arts London

Technology has improved and there are more options than ever for selling art online. So, why is this process still quite daunting? With so many options, how do you know what the best place to sell online is for you? Should you sell through an existing platform, setup your own site or rely on social media? This event won't necessarily have all of the answers, but a few artists will explain what they have done and give some practical tips.


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Meet Our Awesome Team.

Samuel Fry

Samuel is the Director of Create Hub. He has a history of working with creative, innovative and entrepreneurial companies such as IBM, Cockpit Arts, Nesta, Virgin Media Pioneers and University of Bristol.

Richard Adams

A digital veteran, starting in the early 90’s as a computer artist, Richard has made numerous interactive things across all channels. Currently at the RSC, he is also Senior Fellow at University of Lincoln.

  • "Well organised with very diverse people presenting their experiences. Time was just about right and the event was pitched at a level that lots of people could relate to."

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  • "The point of the event for me was to actually hear artists talk about their choices as practitioners. I think the event very successfully addressed this gap."

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    Richard Adams TECHnique Speaker
  • "I liked the obvious like-minded community feel. I also liked the fact that the organiser is interested in same issues and ways of thinking, working and acting."

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